Search Engine Optimization-

Hourly rate — Question: Where is the best place to hide a dead body? Answer: The second page of Google search results page. Don’t be a dead body. SEO helps people find your business.

Search Engine Marketing-

Hourly rate — Imagine if the internet was a highway or a busy street. Now imagine if you could place billboards on that internet highway that highlight your website and help to boost visits that turn into new customers. That’s Search Engine Marketing also known as SEM.

Facebook Ads-

hourly rate — Facebook has approximately 1.5 billion users. These 1.5 billion users are responsible for 22 billion clicks. Odds are your customers are there.

Reputation Management- 

Hourly — The interenet is a big place. People say stuff. Sometimes they say stuff about you. Don’t panic. Take a deep breath. I can make sure that if the stuff they say is negative then we can handle it.

Content stragety-

Hourly rate —  The key to making online sales lies in the value you provide. If you are trying to sell before you can prove to your customers tha you are trustworty then I garuantee that your online sales stats will always be flat.

Keyword Research-

Variable depending on amount of keywords needed—  Keywords are the foundation of any savvy marketers stragety to grow website traffic. Keyword research is the practice of finding the right keywords and determining how much traffic to expect as well as balancing the costs of any PPC campaign. I can provide you with detailed reports of the best keywords for your website.

E-mail Marketing-

Hourly rate — E-mail Marketing is not dead! Even in 2018 , e-mail is still the preferred communication method for customers to t with their favorite brands. Whats more e-mail boasts higher conversation rate and richer qaulity leads than al other forms of marketing. If you have not set up en email program then you may be really hurting your business' chance to grow.