Word of Mouth Marketing is Dead.

1 out of every 10 business owners admit to not using some form of digital marketing to attract and retain clients.

Don't be that one!

Before I became a freelance consultant I showed up to an interview for an outside sales job at a telecommunications corporation. It definitely wasn't a job I wanted but times were hard and funds were low.

One of the businesses that the rep I was shadowing visited that day was an old auction warehouse. Upon us entering the building it became immediately evident that this place was dying, if not, already dead. We found the owner in a backroom,lights off, watching The Price is Right. All day I had watched this rep hassle business owners with the same stale pitch in a tone that slightly resembled that of the second grade teacher who enjoys patronizing her class. Instead of taking stock of the environment we had just walked into, the rep forged ahead with the same slightly condescending sales pitch that I had just witnessed her deliver to the last 7 business owners we had talked to.

When she finished the owner politely declined the offer for a new (admittedly useless)  state of the art phone system and lamented to us that he would probably be shutting down soon if he can't attract more customers.

I asked him if he had ever considered selling his goods online.

He said to me…

We normally get all of our business through Word of Mouth

I have worked in inside sales for 5 years. I have heard this phrase before. For some reason it hit me harder when I was physically in the same room as the person regurgitating this stale phrase to me. I had an even harder time swallowing these words while standing in the middle of this empty sales floor of a dying business.

We bid the guy farewell and left on an empty promise that we would check in on him at a later time.I kept thinking about what he said.

We normally get all of our business through Word of Mouth

I couldn't shake the feeling that this phrase,”Word of Mouth”, is starting to lose its meaning.  How many people are struggling and telling themselves….

We normally get all of our business through Word of Mouth.” ???

This phrase begs the question…”Well what the hell even is word of mouth marketing anyways???”

Here is my definition of word of mouth marketing. You have achieved word of mouth marketing when you provide more value to your customers than what you charge them. You provide so much value in fact that your customers actually love talking about you , yours products, or your services. Because you are a keen and savvy business person you pick up on that fact and you give your customers reasons and ways to talk about you. Whether that's through social media campaigns, email campaigns, or even just handing out freaking handwritten thank you notes to every customer that gives you repeat business.

Give your customers reasons and channels to talk about you.

I believe that one business owner out of ten who doesn't use any type of marketing believes that customers are literally meeting up at their local coffee shop and talking about how they much love So and So’s product.

To those owners I have this to say….

Word of Mouth Marketing doesn't actually happen through Word of Mouth!!!

I would also like to add that Word of Mouth doesn't happen on its own either. Unless your products is as innovative as an Iphone then you will actually need to put a little elbow grease into starting the wildfire that is brand advocacy.

This overused phrase is what birthed my freelance aspirations and Turtle Marketing Inc.

I want to help businesses spread the word and influence decisions about their brands and products by doing these 3 things:

  1. Research a target audience’s consumer behavior and buying patterns to create a comprehensive SEO/SEM strategy to optimize organic and paid search results.

  2. Use the insights I learn from the aforementioned customer research to create customized content content that customer’s actually care about.This content will help convert prospects into customers.

  3. Employ effective Email Marketing to help retain the customer gained from a stellar content marketing strategy and turn them into advocates.

This winning formula has resulted in an eye popping 400% monthly revenue increase for my last client. I was also able to help them grow their Instagram weekly profile visits from a 0 to 100 in a matter of 6 months.

Now that’s what you call Word of Mouth marketing!