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Nashville Skyline at Night taken by Darci Hayes

Nashville Skyline at Night taken by Darci Hayes

People always ask me what’s with the turtle? I tell them turtles represent perseverance, consistency, and a healthy level of humility.

As a freelance marketer these are the values that I bring to my relationship with my clients.

I understand that for business owners with less than 10 employees, time and resources are usually tight. You don't always have the cash to work with a digital marketing agency who may be charging 3k a month to post pictures on your Instagram account.

What you really want to know is how your marketing dollars are working for you and what you can expect back from your investments.

What to expect if you work with me:

  1. I will help you attract leads with fundamental SEO/SEM campaigns.

  2. Those leads will be converted into customers with customized content marketing.

  3. Then I will continue to nurture those new customers by sending them emails they actually care about.

You can also expect to see analytics reports that tie all these tactics together to tell you the full story on what your money is doing to help you reach your specific goals.


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